D1: Improve Trinity’s web site and electronic document management

A user-friendly and up-to-date Trinity web site is essential. Prospective students begin their college searches online and we must ensure that a student’s first impression of Trinity is positive. On campus, faculty, staff, and students rely on University web sites to fulfill their daily responsibilities. Trinity’s web site must be regularly updated to provide accurate information regarding our academic and co-curricular programs. Maintaining such a web presence demands internal coherence and coordination.

Trinity has made strides to conduct business efficiently in an increasingly “paperless” way. We will continue to transition to streamlined yet effective oversight systems, such as an online document management system or a coordinated database that enables offices and divisions across campus to share and access information using industry-identified best practices. Trinity is committed to collaboratively developing new pathways and expectations for sharing information across departments, divisions, and offices to combat isolation and compartmentalization.