A3: Initiate a state-of-the-art visit program for key influencers on student’s collegiate search and decision, such as families, high school counselors, and teachers

We must expand our campus visit program to include families and professionals who are instrumental in a student’s college choice. Additional events for admitted students and their families increases opportunities to disseminate information. Our goal is to increase the profile and visibility of Trinity by hosting events such as a San Antonio college fair and an annual high school counselor visit program for local, out-of-state, independent, and overseas counselors. At many schools, teachers exercise even more influence on college choice than counselors. 

Therefore, we will leverage Trinity’s academic strengths and expand opportunities for high school teachers to visit campus and engage in professional development workshops (e.g., a symposium for science teachers in the Center for Sciences and Innovation). 

  • Enhanced overall campus visit by relocating the Admissions Office to heart of campus in Northrup Hall, facilitating a better first impression of campus for the visit experience and providing more interaction with faculty and current students.  
  • Added visit programs for prospective families and secondary school counselors, including annual fly-in programs for independent college consultants and international counselors.
  • Improved the visit experience by revamping tour guide program and messaging to prospective families and the campus information session.
  • Created the position of Associate Director of the Campus Visit Experience to carry out the functions of state-of-the-art visit program. The position oversees and supervises all functions of the campus visit experience and the Office's role in providing first-class customer service to all visitors.