A4: Construct a new Welcome Center and formal entrance on upper campus

Trinity is currently soliciting design proposals to position a formal upper campus entrance that will provide a strong first impression for prospective students and their families, members of the San Antonio community, and returning alumni. A clearly defined entrance at the heart of the campus and a new Welcome Center will greatly enhance our new and returning visitors’ experience including better implementation and facilitation of the visits of prospective students. 

When the Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan was adopted by the Board of Trustees in May 2013, the University's Admissions Office was located on lower campus and accessible via Stadium Drive. In keeping with the spirit of the Trinity Tomorrow plan and to improve the campus visit experience for prospective students and their families, the Admissions Office was relocated to the first floor of Northrup Hall. Today, the Admissions Office occupies a prominent and easily accessible location in the center of campus. The sustained effort undertaken to relocate of the Admissions Office has positioned Trinity to achieve its strategic goals of strengthening market position and improving student recruitment.

The Campus Master Plan, completed in April 2017, establishes criteria to guide decisions for renovations, space usage, and new construction on the Trinity University campus in the coming decades. The plan proposes a range of future improvements within several major areas, including a new Welcome Center on North Campus. For the purposes of this online progress report, we have shifted the construction of the Welcome Center to Foundation D, Action Step 2: Develop a Facilities Master Plan and maintain our campus infrastructure.