A6: Capitalize on strategic marketing and new technologies in the admissions process

Admissions recruitment must be complemented and supported by strategic marketing and cutting-edge technology. Trinity will take advantage of new and emerging technologies in attracting and recruiting prospective students, including our website, streaming video, social networking, and emerging new technologies. We recognize the role that technology plays in all stages of the admissions process and the influence it wields over a student’s first impression and continued relationship with the University. Strategic marketing will enable Trinity to direct messaging to best address our target recruiting pool of students.

a student uses the discovery table in the admissions lobby

Tech Transformations

Admissions office benefits from new technology implementation

The result of the collaboration between the Offices of Admissions and Marketing and Communications has been a significant increase in applications, selectivity, academic quality, and prestige for the institution. The expressions of interest in Trinity have exceeded expectations, and in just two years, the University has built an applicant pool which supports the long-term academic and financial interests of the institution.

In bringing talented students to study at Trinity, the University benefits enormously from its reputation as the best liberal arts institution in the Southwest with a resonant mission. While the powerful mission of the University has remained remarkably constant over time, the mechanisms for attracting students to the University have changed dramatically as the landscape of higher education keeps changing – which continues to present new challenges to conventional wisdom and approaches.

To handle the breadth and depth of modern admissions, Trinity upgraded its operational/technological infrastructure by transitioning to a different Customer Relations Module (CRM) – from Ellucian Recruiter to Technolutions Slate. Encompassing marketing, travel management, online applications, and online reading, Slate is designed and developed exclusively for higher education admissions and is a one-stop shop for all things enrollment.

Leveraging this new technology, the Offices of Marketing and Communications and Admissions have taken an aggressive and data-driven approach to managing the enrollment funnel by engaging families and students in new and meaningful ways, and for two consecutive years, significantly increasing our search buys and communication with prospective students and families. As a result, the institution is utilizing savvy communication strategies and technology and continuing to develop consistent, coherent, effective messaging with messages delivered in a more targeted, sophisticated manner to a broader range of audiences.