D3: Develop an Information Technology Master Plan

Trinity has long recognized the central role that information technology plays in higher education. We understand that living in an age characterized by rapid and profound technological advancement requires sufficient investment of resources including frequent hardware and software upgrades, continued training and support, and administrative flexibility to adjust to ever changing user behaviors and trends. We also realize that technologies must serve multiple audiences with multiple needs and it is imperative to make collaborative decisions, when possible, coordinating the needs of many offices with multipurpose tools.

In October 2015, Trinity commissioned Protiviti, Inc. to complete an internal audit of Trinity’s Information Technology Services (ITS). Informed by Protiviti’s findings, in May 2016, two faculty and staff task forces were appointed to undertake a comprehensive review of Trinity’s use of Information Technology. One task force focused on the needs of academic computing (teaching and research) and the second addressed administrative strategy (data, information/security, networks). Vice President for Information Resources, Marketing, and Communications White and President Anderson are currently considering these recommendations in anticipating the future needs of information technology at Trinity.