D5: Develop an integrated marketing plan

In the next twelve to eighteen months, Trinity will develop and enact an integrated marketing plan for admissions, fundraising, and alumni relations. As an institution, we must effectively communicate all that we have achieved as a result of the Trinity Tomorrow strategic planning process, including the possibility of a new general education curriculum for students. Our goal is to leverage all institutional communications to efficiently disseminate information to target audiences. Messaging should be consistent across platforms – including the web, social media, online video, alumni newsletters, and the alumni magazine – and emphasize the four strategic objectives described in Part I of this plan. An integrated marketing plan will use data to ensure that our coordinated efforts are properly calibrated to achieve desired results with prospective students and alumni donors.

Completed in January 2014, The Trinity University Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan (IMC Plan) describes a new, holistic approach to the University’s external marketing and communication strategy. The Plan serves as a guide to help reshape brand perception, enhance awareness, and increase applications and enrollment. Secondarily, the implementation of this plan will help build internal culture and pride by fostering engagement among all members of the Trinity community: alumni, donors, staff, students and faculty. Evidence of the plan’s implementation can be seen in the updated university web site, strategic outreach through newsletters and targeted marketing, and admissions outreach.