1A: Create a Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success

The Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success (CELCS) will facilitate faculty and staff partnerships and undergraduate experiential education in all its forms. It will serve as a liaison with various campus offices including Student Life, Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Risk Management and community partners. The CELCS will manage program logistics such as off-campus transportation, risk management, and internal and external communications. CELCS will deepen the involvement of our alumni in the intellectual and personal development of current Trinity students in many ways, including cultivating alumni as mentors for internships.

Notable achievements:

  • Led by the Directors of Career Services and Experiential Learning, CELCS is supported by 11 staff members supporting activities such as career discernment and planning, university-employer relations, internships, service-learning, undergraduate research, volunteerism, and alumni engagement.
  • Outfitted office space in Coates University Center
  • Established CELCS mission statement, policies, procedures, and campus partnerships
  • Supported the implementation of Pathways by supporting Experiential Learning courses and projects
  • Completed a CELCS evaluation and assessment in 2018, resulting in the following action plan.

Source: The Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success program records, May 2018