Trinity Tomorrow

A Letter from President Danny J. Anderson

August 17, 2017

Dear Colleagues:

The 2017 Strategic Plan Progress Report illustrates Trinity’s considerable movement toward meeting the goals of our ten-year plan, Trinity Tomorrow. After four years of implementation, many components of this ambitious strategic plan are already embedded in the transformational experience we offer our students. The plan’s core values and key features embody Trinity’s highest ideals while providing an exciting, carefully designed path for our future.

This year’s Progress Report offers a visual snapshot of our success so far and indicates areas that will draw our focus and attention in the coming year. Through a combination of metrics, benchmarks, and narratives, you can see how our accomplishments build on Trinity’s considerable strengths and positively impact the lives of our students.

Highlights of initiatives that moved toward completion in 2016-17 include:

  • The University completed a Campus Master Plan (Foundation D2) that will seek to place the campus on the National Register of Historic Places. The plan reinforces the historic nature of campus and establishes criteria that will guide decisions for renovations, enhancements, space usage, and new construction in the coming decades.
  • Trinity adopted a Home School Tuition Model designed to increase students’ opportunities for study abroad experiences. The new policy ensures that students from all backgrounds have opportunities for transformative international experiences. (Objective 3D)
  • Trinity’s proposed Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), or “Starting Strong,” aims to help Trinity students succeed in their early college years. The QEP is a required component of Trinity’s reaffirmation of accreditation process. (Objective 4A)
  • Trinity has enhanced recruitment and marketing initiatives to elevate the enrollment of first year students and refined financial aid policies and practices to make Trinity an affordable option for admitted students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. (Foundation A5)

As president, I am committed to our success. I am genuinely excited about the goals of Trinity Tomorrow to make a true difference for the University and our students, and because it is forward thinking in its design.

The goal of the plan is to inspire learning, in the deepest sense that aligns with the values that have sustained Trinity University since its founding and drive us to an impactful future. Since its inception, Trinity faculty and staff have invested tremendous energy in realizing the plan. My goal is to keep this momentum going and facilitate an environment where we work together to fulfill our mission of providing a transformational liberal arts and sciences experience.

Trinity’s vision is ambitious: Redefine liberal arts for the 21st century. We are making progress and charting the next steps in this journey.

Danny Anderson
Trinity University


Strategic Plan: Related Files

The Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan describes where we want Trinity University to be by 2023 and how we propose getting there. The plan builds on the many strengths of Trinity and addresses the limitations that make it difficult for the University to achieve its full potential. Our task is sharpening our institutional identity within the familiar framework of our mission, values, and aspirations.

View files related to Trinity Tomorrow, including the full strategic plan:

PDF icon Trinity Tomorrow - A Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Trinity University 2013-2023 (PDF)
PDF icon Memo Regarding the New Curriculum (PDF)
PDF icon Trinity Tomorrow Mission, Vision, and Values (PDF)