Trinity Tomorrow

A Letter from President Danny J. Anderson

Dear Colleagues:

I am excited to share with you the 2016 Strategic Plan Progress Report on the implementation of Trinity Tomorrow. Since 2013, the University has made initial investments and taken significant steps toward meeting the ambitious goals of this ten-year plan. As this report demonstrates, these efforts have taken visible roots on the Trinity campus.

The Student Success Center provides a seamless link between a student’s academic and co-curricular life, enabling Trinity to fulfill its promise to support all students as they discover, grow, and become their best selves. Complementing this desire to connect academic and student life, we have established a Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, supporting faculty efforts to link Trinity University academic with our community and the world, and rethinking the approach to life beyond Trinity. And given the fundamental connectedness of our world, the Center for International Engagement brings together academic and student life opportunities that send Trinity students away from campus and bring new visibility to the international richness of our campus in San Antonio.

The efforts of faculty can also be seen in the work on the innovative and interdisciplinary Pathways curriculum. In Fall 2015, the new First Year Experience, “the FYE,” a six-hour team-taught seminar, set a new approach for beginning students and energized faculty. One faculty member reported that teaching the FYE “was one of the most gratifying experiences in my teaching career at Trinity University.  Working with seven other colleagues was rewarding, at times terrifying, but always stimulating. . . . I learned a lot from my colleagues and was able to pass along what I learned to my students.” As you can imagine, all of these accomplishments require the dedication, devotion, and above all, the energy of our faculty and staff to ensure their success.

The 2016 Strategic Plan Progress Report offers a visual snapshot of our success so far and indicate areas that will draw our focus and attention in the coming year. Through a combination of metrics, benchmarks, and narratives, you can see how our accomplishments build on Trinity’s considerable strengths and positively impact the lives of our students.

Since its inception, Trinity Trustees, faculty, staff, and students have invested tremendous energy to realize the opportunities outlined in the plan. As president, I am committed to stewarding our success and I am genuinely excited about Trinity Tomorrow as a road map for the University’s future. I am committed to a transparent working process with the realization that we cannot do it all at once; we must wisely build upon our momentum, make selective choices about the next step, strategically stage our actions so that they can reinforce each other, and ensure the renewal of our own energy. You have already accomplished so much, but by continuing to engage in conversation we remain steadfast  in our commitment to our students and our commitment to institutional excellence.

The goal of the plan is to inspire learning, in the deepest sense, that aligns with the values that have sustained Trinity University since its founding and drive us to an impactful future.

Best regards,
Danny Anderson


Strategic Plan: Related Files

The Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan describes where we want Trinity University to be by 2023 and how we propose getting there. The plan builds on the many strengths of Trinity and addresses the limitations that make it difficult for the University to achieve its full potential. Our task is sharpening our institutional identity within the familiar framework of our mission, values, and aspirations.

View files related to Trinity Tomorrow, including the full strategic plan:

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