Trinity Tomorrow

A Letter from President Danny J. Anderson

August 12, 2019

Dear Colleagues:

The 2018-19 academic year pushed us past the midway mark in the implementation of Trinity Tomorrow, the University’s 10-year strategic plan. As higher education experiences significant changes and challenges, the Trinity Tomorrow vision continues to allow the University to position itself and its resources in ways that eliminate barriers to a Trinity education.

As we reflect on what we have accomplished, we also want to address areas that will draw our focus and attention in the years ahead. With the 2019 Progress Report, you will find a visual and narrative snapshot of our successes this academic year.

Highlights of initiatives that moved toward completion in 2018-19 include:

  • The creation and promotion of a new major and minor that expand Trinity’s interdisciplinary program offerings (Objective 2D);
  • The installation of a new Chaplain, a Trinity alumnus who will help affirm the University’s commitment to open and diverse spiritual life on campus (Objective 4E); and
  • Enhanced program assessment for all University divisions and academic and co-curricular programs (Foundation B5).

As president, I am excited and committed to realizing the vision of Trinity Tomorrow. Since its inception, the energy from Trinity faculty and staff have built incredible momentum toward its success. I will do all I can to keep this momentum going and facilitate an environment where we work together to fulfill our mission of providing a transformational liberal arts and sciences experience.

Danny J. Anderson
President, Trinity University


Strategic Plan: Related Files

The Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan describes where we want Trinity University to be by 2023 and how we propose getting there. The plan builds on the many strengths of Trinity and addresses the limitations that make it difficult for the University to achieve its full potential. Our task is sharpening our institutional identity within the familiar framework of our mission, values, and aspirations.

View files related to Trinity Tomorrow, including the full strategic plan:

PDF icon Trinity Tomorrow - A Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Trinity University 2013-2023 (PDF)
PDF icon Memo Regarding the New Curriculum (PDF)
PDF icon Trinity Tomorrow Mission, Vision, and Values (PDF)